The Chalet

Luxury bedding, by top Japanese manufacture NOGUCHI, helps you to sleep better at night to ensure that you awaken feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to face the day ahead with breathable, soft fabric that lulls you into a deep sleep.

Relaxing in the SPAGE for about 10 minutes is a great form of heat therapy as it soothes sore muscles. Submerging your tightened muscles into a hot tub will loosen them up and increase more blood flow to the area.

The SPAGE is in the en-suite of the master bedroom on the second floor.

Stunning dining area and breakfast bar attached to the kitchen.  Enjoy dining at the stone table.

Large shower room on the first floor caters for the downstairs occupants.

Relax in the private glamping tent and enjoy a BBQ. We supply the charcoal and BBQ set.

Washing machine and large ski and snowboard dry room.

Sit back and you can enjoy Full HD Netflix series while indulging a cup of coffee from Nespresso coffee maker.

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